Welcome Letter

Dear beloved parents,

Dear beloved parents,

The early years are the most fundamental learning time for young minds, so early education really important in building the foundation for the future.

As parents, everyone wants to dedicate all the best to their children, and although the educational perspective of each family may be different, overall, our greatest desire is to see children playful, healthy and embrace everything most positively.

The Gold Beehive believes that each child has its own unique identities and the balanced development between BODY - SOUL - MIND is also an important key for children to develop their best version. So, through early education methods; project-based teaching and diverse intelligence theory - Multi-Intelligence (Howard Gardner), our school's education and care program will aim to keep children healthy; train their core values from good habits every day, and equip knowledge and skills from real experience.

At the same time, we aim at building a happy, positive and kind surrounding so that children can grow up both physically and mentally with their entire BODY – SOUL - MIND. With the message "A place to experience happiness with your children", the school wishes to accompany parents with many listening - sharing activities, thereby constantly striving to improve child care and teaching activities every day.

The journey of raising a great child is a journey that is full of happiness or challenges and anxiety; but on top of that, there is no barrier which is big enough to prevent children from growing up healthily and happily if each of us truly respects and understands these lovely "little friends".

Together, we record your child's memorable journey with their own happy experiences. School Administration.

School principal.

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