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On the basis of the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training, and applying modern educational methods, TGB Preschool creatively develops project/themes during the year, in which Project-Based Teaching is a form of learning that builds interest in children (inspiring approach), creates curiosity, deepens learning and encourages them to build lifelong learning skills.

We believe that a child grows up best with a balanced resonance between Body - Soul - Mind, so the curriculum will also be associated with practicing good habits for the soul and improving the body.

TGB Preschool builds the PROJECT-BASED curriculum using Dr. Howard Gardner's Diverse Theory of Intelligence so that children can explore themselves through real experiences and learn a topic from many different perspectives through "Diverse intelligence corner".

Diverse intelligence theory states that each child is born with all 8 types of intelligence, however, there will be a dominant type(s) of intelligence in each child. Children can completely shine in many ways to succeed in their own way if they are nurtured with a reasonable nutritional foundation and appropriate educational methods.


Each month, the "Diverse intelligence corner" will be changed with activities and games according to the topic of the projects in class. Children express themselves through real daily activities. This helps the children leverage their knack to learn about the topics while at once overcome their shortcomings. When children have more opportunities to practice, they will absorb more, develop their skills, discover personal potentials and shape living values.


We apply multiple intelligence theory to give the children as much experience as possible.

The children will implement 9 projects a year. Each project depends on a separate theme that runs through the month. Along with learning and working on the projects, children will have various activities at 8 intelligences corners.

The environment, tools and materials are suitable for the children's stature and strength, the balance between too complex or too simple activities, between support and challenges so that each child is excited to participate in the activities.

Each project has different topics that bring many useful lessons to help children better understand themselves, actively show interest, love and express their own abilities at their own pace. From observing, supporting and caring for each child, TGB chooses the appropriate approach and guidance to develop each child's potential abilities.

Children learn how to organize simple tasks from the beginning, implement to complete each project.

Children know how to respect the others, have the ability to resolve conflicts with appropriate behavior. Children accumulate knowledge, enrich their living capital in the most natural way through the activities they experience during the project.

Here are some pictures about the projects they have done:

Phương pháp giảng dạy