Copporation with The Caterers Kitchen System and HCM City Nutrition Center ensures a nutritious, safe, full-nutritious meal suitable to the needs of each age.


As an independent, professional and creative business, The Caterers specializes in providing school cafeteria services, industrial meals, office meals and providing banquet and event services with the goal of lifting high quality of life for customers and society.

With confidence in its expertise, The Caterers has built up a reputation for delivering flexible, high-quality and fast service to all of our customers' different service needs, whether it be the service of the food delivery, on-the-spot stove, self-service information, or organizing large-scale corporate events, high-class private parties, or the marriage ceremony... Currently, The Caterers has more than 600 full-time employees serving over 13,500 meals per day at 30 International School Systems - Bilingual, factories, offices and organizes more than 620 parties and events each year. At the end of 2015, The Caterers was honored to receive the national award " Quality reputable products and services" voted by the Consumer Newspaper and the National Consumers Standards and Protection Associatio. In addition, The Caterers is also an official member of the International Caterers Association (ICA).

With The Caterers, TGB brings a safe and nutritious meal for your baby's development, ensuring safety right from the selection of materials, processing, packaging and transporting of each child's meals everyday.

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TGB's menu is consulted by nutritionists from HCM City Nutrition Center. Therefore, parents can be completely assured that children's meals will provide all necessary nutrition according to the child's age.
The menu is designed with 80% Vietnamese dishes - 20% European dishes, stimulating the baby's taste buds, making them easy to get used to diverse dishes. In addition, every week, the school will have a school-themed meal of the week so that the children's mealtime will not be a war, but will be a place where they learn new and useful things through the dishes, get excited and loves their mealtime.
In addition, the school also supplements natural safe GRAIN MILK for baby to ensure the children's nutrition for growth, no preservatives, completely organic.
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