Health care package for children and family provided by the Medical Team of TWG Healthcare Group, TWG Long An Obstetrics Hospital and Hoan My Hospital Family Doctor System.


TWG Healthcare Group As a member of the TWG ecosystem, TWG Healthcare with a vision to evolve into a series of high-tech and multi-specialty medical services systems, reputable with international standard quality for comprehensive healthcare for people in Vietnam.

With the experience of cooperating with reputable corporations and medical organizations in the country, Southeast Asia and internationally, TWG’s doctors and advisers with working experience from prestigious hospitals: Cho Ray Hospital, Medicine and Pharmacy, Hoan My, ... Currently, TWG Healthcare is the investor of WG Long An Obstetrics Hospital, ...

With TWG Healthcare, TGB’s children will be given special emphasis on high-quality health and medical care. Children will receive intensive health check-up and nutritional balance consultation. Children's health indicators will be monitored.

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In cooperation with TWG Long An Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital, with a team of experienced octors and doctors in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, TGB will assist in providing knowledge related to pregnancy, health care for little.
TGB's teachers will be trained and updated with knowledge of health care not only for babies but also for mothers before, during and after birth. The team of Doctors will directly advise parents on nutritional issues, medical care for the children, ... All information on your children's health status will be recorded and saved to monitor and evaluate regularly. Especially for children from 6-18 months old, they will receive weekly massage according to the correct method, help them relax, eat well, sleep better and feel peaceful.
In addition, TGB family will also enjoy preferential treatment when visiting and using services at TWG Long An Hospital.
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