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With cooporation of TGB and the leading prestigious education partners, children learn to explore themselves comprehensively and develop their talents.

Mathnasium A + - American math center Mathnasium is a professional thinking and experienced Math Training Center System for students from Preschool to Middle School.
Originating from the United States, Mathnasium was researched and developed by American Mathematics Professor Larry Martinek. The advantages of the Mathnasium Mathematics teaching methodology have been tested and proven through more than 42 years of application in public, private schools, mathematical training centers in the United States.
After more than 10 years of expansion and development, Mathnasium now has more than 800 centers in the United States and 17 other countries around the world. Mathnasium is at the forefront of the growth of Math education for children worldwide. In Vietnam, along with the appreciation of parents and the love of students, Mathnasium Vietnam has built and developed nearly 40 centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other provinces with nearly 12,000 students. Mathnasium not only teaches students good at Math but also aims at the development of logical and creative thinking, proving children with a solid foundation of thinking from the beginning.
TGB in conjunction with Mathnasium brings a Math Program for preschoolers aged 4 to 6 years old, without any extra cost to parents.

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Dan Ca Nho Art Center - a place for children to play freely, thereby creating the most natural connection with art.
Dan Ca Nho believes that the potential of our children is limitless, each child needs a different approach to art not only with color but also with materials and other interactive activities to connect associated with the unique learning abilities of each child.
With 7 methods designed as a flying fish's ocean exploration, Dan Ca Nho offers activities from material experience, to skills in shaping, color and layout, helping your children to discover and express themselves.
TGB cooperates with Dan Ca NHo Art Center to bring about an artistic talent development program for TGB children. Instructors from Dan Ca Nho will directly teach and guide children to get acquainted and love art from observing the world around them, thus creating ideas for their works, the ability to create creative materials surrounding the child.
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Helen Doron English Center
35 years ago (1985), Helen Doron - English linguist and educator - revolutionized the teaching of English to young children by developing a method of simulating nature as children learn their mother language. Helen Doron English method is inspired by the method of music learning Suzuki - creating a music learning environment in parallel with learning "mother tongue". Thanks to this new method of learning English, more than two million children worldwide can speak English as a second language from birth.

With the expectation that children will be exposed to English early, Helen Doron English optimizes children's learning ability according to each stage of formation and development of children from 3 months to 19 years old.

Currently Helen Doron has more than 1,000 centers established in 38 countries across 5 continents. Being present in Vietnam since 2018, with the desire to change the perception and method of learning for young children, creating a stable young generation of Vietnamese with global language capacity.

How TGB bring the Helen Doron English program?
By embed the baby in an environment using entirely English, bilingual teaching techniques and language learning mechanisms such as learning the mother tongue. The ability to absorb two languages in parallel does not confuse children, but in turn increases the increase in nerve units, causes brain function to develop dramatically, helping children to be nurtured and grow up to be children. language.

Children will naturally absorb English through daily interactive activities, through music with melodies, movement games, stories, ...

Teachers from Helen Doron Center will directly teach, and use 100% English when communicating with children, thereby helping children get acquainted and have good reflexes. In particular, TGB children from 6 months old started learning Helen Doron English.

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